Minister Czarnek apologizes for his words about LGBT!

Following the settlement reached between Prof. Jakub Urbanik and Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek in the personal injury lawsuit brought by Prof. Urbanik, the Minister of Education has published an apology on his social media channels.

We remind you that the lawsuit against the Minister was filed for the words:
“Let’s defend us from LGBT ideology and stop listening to these idiocies about some human rights or some equality. These people are not equal to normal people, and let’s finally stop this discussion,” and “There is no doubt that all this LGBT ideology growing out of neo-Marxism (and that out of Marxism) comes from the same root as Hitler’s German National Socialism, which is responsible for all the evils of World War II, the destruction of Warsaw and the murder of the insurgents.”

Prof. Jakub Urbanik – is a non-heteronormative person who is active in efforts to protect the rights of LGBT+ people. He is also an academic. The words used by the Respondent violated his personal rights The violation was unlawful, culpable and in gross contradiction to the principles of social intercourse. Mr. Czarnek’s statements, which were formulated fully consciously and with a specific political purpose, violated the Plaintiff’s goods in particular in such a way that they excluded him from the community, antagonized the honor of society against him, lowered his sense of acceptance and aroused legitimate fear and a sense of threat.

Many thanks to trainee attorneys Barnaba Rud-Chlipalski and Michal Terebecki for their invaluable assistance in this case.

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